Whether you are a business professional looking for a convenient way to incorporate your workout into your work day, a mom or dad looking for peace of mind knowing your child is safe and happy while you sneak in a little break for yourself, or a retiree looking for overall health and wellness to balance your daily routine, The Health Club at Southpointe has a place for you.

At the Health Club at Southpointe, we promote a lifestyle, not a gym.  To us, nothing is more important than your health - without it, few things matter.  The healthier and more active you are, the better your outlook on life is.  Making the right gains and setting health goals is achievable when fostered by accountable living.

At The Health Club at Southpointe, we are committed to providing a healthy, family-oriented environment for people of all fitness levels.  We focus on the individual through highly-trained staff while providing programs and amenities that exceed the needs of our members.  Our passion for fitness is fueled by our positive attitude.    

A NEW perspective

The Health Club at Southpointe is dedicated to personal health, and that means making sure you have access to the right services, information, and support.  We believe effort brings results.  Exercise and training are meant to build strength, increase endurance, improve your physical health, and balance your mental fitness.  The Health Club at Southpointe offers you the right mix of training and instruction that will provide the results you want.

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