With more than 15 years of experience, The Health Club at Southpointe has a solid reputation.  In the spring of 2016, when word spread that The Health Club was closing, the community reaction was strong.  Sharing the same genuine belief that the club was far to rich in history to lose, several of the members rallied together and a partnership was formed.  Under new ownership, new management, and a new roof, The Health Club at Southpointe is off to a fresh start.  Our primary goal is to cultivate an environment of sustainable community, comprehensive fitness programs, and applicable educational tools.  Personal health and wellness are our passion, and we are dedicated to collaborating with our members to achieve the highest level of customer service you deserve.  We are committed to serving you with the most professional staff, and certified instructors and personal trainers.  We truly believe that the more active we are with our members, there is a better chance that more people in the community will participate in an enriched, thriving life!


our core values

Community - Building positive relationships with members, staff, neighbors, and businesses.

Quality - Excellence in facility, classes, equipment, and management. 

Education - Promoting opportunities for personal and physical health and wellness that benefit our members.

Excellence - Highest standards as a staff, facility, and member of the community.

Integrity - Committed to trust, honesty, and privacy through our words, actions, and accountability.

Respect - Treating everyone with respect, courtesy, consideration, compassion, and care.

Teamwork - Cultivating a welcoming supportive community where every interaction is building a relationship.

Member First - The member is the reason for our existence.  Everything that we do considers our members first, each time and always.

Inspiration - Inspire members into action to pursue their fitness potential.